WP Exit Page Redirect

WP Exit Page Redirect helps you create a meta tag redirect on an exit page from your site. Great for adding in a warning to users that they are leaving your website or for showing an exit advertisement before they go.

To use simply create a page or post in WordPress and add the shortcode with the optional attributes.

For example:
[wpexitpage message=”Your new message.” link=”Go Here Now!” url=”http://wpparadise.com/” seconds=”10″]

This WP Exit Page Redirect shortcode would print the message

Your new message. Go Here Now!

on the page and redirect users after 10 seconds to http://wpparadise.com/. All of the attributes are optional. If any are omitted defaults will be used that you can set on the settings screen. Often the only attribute I use with the plugin is changing the URL the page is redirecting to.

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