TinyPNG Plugins

Optimizing your WordPress site to be faster is good for your users, but it is also good for your search engine results. It is one of the things that is in your control. One of the best ways to optimize your PNG images is to use TinyPNG. Previously you had to manually use the site […]

Compress PNG for WP

WordPress Theme Detector

3 Easy Tools to Name the Theme

A common question from people as they are searching for a theme for their WordPress website is what theme is ____ website using? If you know HTML/CSS it is pretty easy to look at the code and determine what the theme is and where that website got it from. If you don’t know HTML/CSS here […]

Upload Flash Files in Media Library

I learned something new today and I thought I would share. I discovered that it was no longer possible to upload Shockwave Flash files in the WordPress Media Library. Not that I have to upload flash files very often but I had a client that wanted to add a flash game in their website and […]



Control Automatic Updates in WordPress

One of the new features in the WordPress 3.7 is the ability for WordPress to be able to update itself. This has also been one of the more controversial features, but personally the new ability to had WordPress automatically update when a new security update is available is a fantastic idea. If you are not […]

WordPress 3.7 “Basie” Released

WordPress version 3.7 code named “Basie” in honor of Count Basie, is now available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. If it is not yet showing as an update in your WordPress dashboard you can download a copy directly from WordPress to update or install. This new WordPress release features some of the […]


Unveil Lazy Load

Lazy Load Images to Improve Page Load Speed

Great images in your blog post is great for readers, but there is a catch to using lots of images on your site. All those images can slow down how fast your website loads. There are many different ways to speed up the load time of your WordPress website but an easy way if you […]

How to Duplicate a Post in WordPress

A question I get asked fairly often is how to duplicate a post in WordPress. There are many plugins available to do this for you but I like to use Duplicate Post. Duplicate Post is a free plugin which allows you to clone a post or create a draft post based on a previous post (which […]

Duplicate Post

Sticky Custom Post Types

Custom Post Type Sticky Posts

A project I was working on today uses custom post types for part of the content of the website. In this case though some posts in the custom post type need to be sticky. Well the client did not call it that but in the end that is what they described, those posts need to […]

WordPress Paradise Themes

It is possible that you landed here at WordPress Paradise looking for one of the WordPress Themes called Paradise. Makes sense really the domain name WPParadise.com is a great name for a WordPress theme. If you are looking for one of the WordPress themes called Paradise here are three possible themes that you might actually […]

Paradise DX Themes

WordSesh 2

WordSesh 2 – 24 Hours of Live Streaming WordPress Presentations

Where I live the closest WordCamp conference is at least a days drive away and well I just can’t see getting to one anytime soon. If you are in the same kind of position I am in there is always WordSesh. WordSesh is 1 full day of live WordPress presentations from all over the world […]